Real Estate Agents: Should We Go 100% Digital?

From prospecting to visits, the only way to work, today, is to carry out your usual tasks by the dematerialized way. That means :

  • Adapt your prospecting to favor the telephone and digital tools.
  • Focus your communication on your agency website, and make it the heart of your marketing actions.
  • Work on your local data to carry out remote assessments that are always as qualitative.
  • Build your real estate audience while waiting for the resumption of sales and purchase projects.
  • Offer tours adapted to the situation, whether it involves using virtual tools or asking the owners to make videos themselves.
  • Promote the most relevant acquisition channels.
  • Start a real estate blog and start publishing articles to demonstrate your expertise and attract prospects.
  • Support your prospects ( sellers and buyers ) with advice and recommendations so that they can take advantage of this “break” to refine the contours of their real estate project.

However, the idea is not to trade the usual process for a 100% digital real estate process, but only to prepare yourself and your prospects for post-containment, so as to be ready when everyone’s projects resume. The sellers will be able to sign mandates as quickly as possible, the buyers will visit the goods they have insight, and the machine will restart without delay … With a flesh and blood intermediary to take matters into their own hands.

Digital real estate, yes, but human first!

Impossible to deny it: in full confinement, with the impossibility for real estate professionals to perform simple tasks (taking photos of a property subject to a mandate, organizing visits…), it is tempting to look at all-digital as the quick fix. And to hope that a good part of the process can take place exclusively from a distance.

But this period, precisely, is only a period. The activity will eventually resume and with it the visits and signatures at the notary. It’s just a matter of time.

At this point, your prospects will not need an avatar on the web or a voice on the phone, but a real estate agent who can exchange with them, advise and physically support them. Otherwise, they could just be in touch with Google…

Let it be said: the physical agency will not cease to exist, any more than the real estate agent as such. Digital real estate solutions are not intended to replace human methods, but to optimize them and allow professionals to do their jobs better. Because, behind these innovations, there is a double benefit: improving its processes (for example by relying on local data to make more precise and more relevant estimates than ever), thus forging shock arguments to seduce owners; and save time on tasks with high added value, to devote a little more to prospects and customers themselves, and deploy an ever more human and close to people communication.

It should never be forgotten: real estate is human above all! And, paradoxically, this is the first lesson to be learned from containment.